Let The Novel Rest

I finished writing the first (second) draft two weeks ago and my eyes are really itching to read it. But I can’t. I wrote on my short term goal list that I needed to let it sit/rest/hide-it-in-a-draw for a month. And I HAVE to finish that goal list.

1. It Will Give You Fresh Eyes

It should be every author’s wish to be able to read their manuscript again for the first time. As if it wasn’t even their novel and their job was to rip apart all of it’s flaws in order to fix them. The best way to attain this perspective is time. In a Perfect World a year would be awesome, even half a year to let it sit aside. Work on another project, catch up on TV/Reading/Sleep, but as we all know we don’t live in a Perfect World. Perhaps if you are only a hobby writer or aspiring one you could leave it alone for that long. However life and deadlines get in the way. What if you are an author of a world famous series and your fans are sending death threats if you don’t finish that book in X amount of time and to top that all off your family depends on your next pay check as the money is fast disappearing and you don’t know how else to make a living?? Slightly dramatic! But my point is: cut the time down, just don’t cut the time away all together. I’m not sure why I gave myself a month. Maybe that’s the amount of time I first heard and it stuck in my head. Everyone has different time frames, but at least give it two weeks.

2. Time To Work On Other Projects

Time off will do you good. If you have another story itchy at your mind you can finally unleash it. I’m working on the outline for the second in my series (that is of course if the first is successful, but I think I’d still write it for myself even if it wasn’t ever going to be published). It would also be a perfect time to really focus on studies for those of you who are taking courses, get ahead before you start the crazy editing.

3. Welcome Back Social Life!

A book is easily consuming. Whilst working on it, it can grasp on and hold on tight not letting you go. It is easy for any kind of life to slip away. While the novel is resting you can have time for social activities, lazy activites, TV, reading, ice hockey, horseback riding, whatever takes your fancy!

There is three reasons for you to let your novel rest. Yes the first one is the most important. FRESH EYES. Like experiencing your favourite novel for the first time.

TTFN 😀 x

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