HELP! I Get Distracted From My Writing!!

How many of you get distracted from your writing? Whether you write full-time or part-time or once a week it can be easy to let distractions take hold.

Here’s a checklist to kill the distraction:

1. Turn off the TV or better yet go to a room without a TV.

2. Disconnect from the internet. Even if its easy to turn back on the fact that it’s off will remind you to keep off the net.

3. Close your door. Tell your family or housemates not to disturb you.

4. If you listen to music select a playlist to stop flicking through songs. Put earphones in and enter the alternate universe that is your writing

5. Put WordTracker on. WordTracker is an awesome app available through itunes. It allows you to track how many words your write each session. You can also write a note the session. I wrote things like “watching TV” or “listening to music” which helps me to track my productivity.

For writers editing their works I modified the way I used WordTracker. I created a new project for editing, but instead I tracked the number of words in the section I just edited. I.e. if I edited chapter three in one session I highlighted the whole bunch at the end and recorded to word count. This tells me how many words I’ve editing towards my end goal. It’s not the best situation, but I haven’t found an app for editing.

What do you do to keep yourself focused on writing?

TTFN 😀 x

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