Full-Time Writer in Training

Yesterday as I was intensely thinking about my life whilst driving – much like in the shower – I realised that if I ever hoped to write full-time I should spend at least one whole day a week writing as if it was my job.

I came up with a schedule. I could start at 9am like I do at my office job, making sure I ate breakfast and got dressed as if I was actually going to work. I really wanted to create this schedule on my computer, complete with alarms to make sure I stuck to it. I intended to download something as soon as I got home and have my schedule ready for the next day.

Instead I found tonight’s conversation with the family interesting and we all hung out together until 9:15pm and I still hadn’t downloaded anything. I finally went to sleep at 10:45pm with a program downloaded, but I still wasn’t satisfied. THE PROGRAM WOULDN’T OPEN. I shut down my computer and went to bed.

Surprisingly I woke up at 7:30am without the aid of an alarm. I laid in bed until 8 something and got up for some breakfast. First however, I wanted to check the program out. I spend the time setting it up and it still didn’t work. I went to give my horses some breakfast at 9am. I had some breakfast myself finally, but I only had a glass of nesquik made from real, unprocessed, cream on top, Tilba milk.



I then decided at about 9:40 it was time for a shower. 10am start it’ll be then. 10am came and I was still blissfully shaving in the shower. The hot water was too lovely to get out of it.

Finally when I emerged, as its winter I kept the heat lights on and spent an usually long time brushing my teeth. I implemented my new face routine comprising of Liz Earle products: cleanse, tone, moisturise and slap on some SPF+ skin tint. I’m hoping it makes my pimples fade.

10:20am I was actually AT MY COMPUTER!!! A whole one hour and twenty minutes late. If I was my boss I’d fire my ass if I didn’t have a good cover story 😛 Yet I was still spending time on this stupid schedule thing. The one from last night started, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I had a cute calendar on top of my desktop. Eventually I found something called My Daily Planner. It wasn’t ideal. I haven’t seen if it has any alarms, but it does display my times and activities in pretty colour depending on their priority.

Screenshot (80)


(I only changed the priority to get pretty colours 😛 )

At 10:30am I went to work on my fifth chapter. I made progress and edited and added things that needed it. I’m not sure on one of my plotlines I’ve added, but I’ll see after I do my second structural edit.

12pm I caught up on an Australian Writers’ Centre podcast. And by catch up I mean watch episode 2 of 14. You can find their podcasts here: http://www.writerscentre.com.au/community/podcasts/ I made my lunch to this. A lettuce, baby corn, cheese, tomato, water chestnut and tinned salmon salad. I shouldn’t have included the salmon, especially tin, it probably would have tasted better with normal salmon.

After that it went downhill. Mum came home at 1pm and we chatted and were about to watch Dr Quinn Medicine Women when my little sister needed to be picked up from high school. I picked her up. She had a raging headache and didn’t want to brave Maths without painkillers. Half an hour later we were home and watched Dr Quinn.

At 4pm I went and feed my horses again and swept out the caravan I use as a tack room/feed storage.

At 4:44pm I started writing this post as my social media contribution for today.

In conclusion it was a productive day. Chapter five is edited, I listened to another podcast from AWC and I wrote another post on this blog. It wasn’t as productive as I hoped, and although I want to edit chapter six I need to nut out my TAFE work if I ever hope to finish my Cert. III in Accounts Administration by the end of the year.

Thanks for reading! I’ve enjoyed sharing my day with you 🙂 I’m going to try and do more days like this in the future with hopefully better results, but its been good for the first attempt.

Jo Carter 😀


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