A few weeks ago I did a quick 50 page read of my manuscript because I was paranoid about one of my plot lines. My MC was having a series of disagreements throughout the first part of my WIP with her best friend, but I didn’t want either one of them to sound stupid or assholely. That means the argument would have to be stupid, but who wants to read a stupid fight? Many of these insecure thoughts plagued me until I decided to give myself a day off and read it again the next day.

Like I half suspected I was being paranoid. There were a few things I needed to tweak (oh my god I almost wrote twerk! I still don’t know what twerking really is, but given the talk about it I don’t want to use that word…) and last night I finished all of the tweaking. Woohoo that means I can get back to adding/changing/removing scenes in the pursuit of my structural edit. I can pull out my large very long couple of meters timeline of my manuscript and get back to work.

I’ve set myself a goal of completing all of my short term goals before Christmas eve.


I’ve completed 1 & 2. It’ll be exactly two months tomorrow since I started. Cool, I suppose? Is that good timing?

I’m glad I can read over my manuscript when my mind is telling me it’s shit. Which it might be, I’m not sure. I’m kind of bias. After I finish the structural edit and things are where they are supposed to I cannot wait until I can rip the shit through it. For some reason I love pointing out the faults in my WIP (I’m reading The Fault In Our Stars at the moment. I’m on page 140ish and I’m wondering when it’s going to get insanely good like everyone is raving).

In conclusion – haha I sound like I’m writing a essay – today I’ll be pulling out my timeline and editing/adding scenes following my red pen instructions. Unfortunately I might be forced to do some TAFE studies. Don’t study by distance…it’s horrible. I’m about 90% sure I’d absolutely love my course if I wasn’t doing it by distance.

Time to feed my lovely ponies breakfast before satisfying my own tummy rumbles and watching Episode 2 of When Love Comes To Town. I am a romantic at heart 😛


Jo Carter x


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