Reading Outside Your Comfort Zone

At work when I have a break I always read. I carry a book around with me in my bag like a security blanket. I’m convinced if I don’t bring a book a situation will arise when I need one. For example: I got to work half an hour early as I’d written my roster wrong. I didn’t bring my book because it was only a three hour shift therefore no break. I had to sit there for half an hour sipping a mocha and reading Alice in Wonderland on my Samsung Ace Plus. Which if you haven’t seen one is pretty small in terms of phones these days.

Needless to say my co-workers know I love books. One of them brought in a book for me to read after we’d been discussing 50 Shades of Grey. She wasn’t a fan of Grey and Ana’s relationship and gave me a recovery book i.e. something to read whilst getting over the emotional rollercoaster that is 50 Shades. 

It was what I call a murder mystery lawsuit except the MC knows exactly who the murderer is from day one because he was there. The book is called A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer. 



I was apprehensive as my chosen genre is Young Adult, but after 50 Shades I was willing to read anything.

I loved it! Absolutely loved it. I’d give it four stars it was that good. It’s a 600 or so page book, but it kept me interested for the whole thing. I loved all the trials about who was the murderer, I enjoyed learning about prison life and it was a mystery, but in a different way. As mentioned above we already know who the murderer is. It’s a mystery to find out how they are caught. Danny had all of these plans in place which he revealed to you as he was doing it, but didn’t say why until the end and then you went “oh that’s genius”.

Will I be reading this genre again?

Maybe. I’m a bit put off when the Daily Mirror writes on the front “his best in years”. What if I invest my time in another 600 pager and it turns out to be crap. However I will not forget this book and how captivating it was. 

I estimated it will take me a year and a half to read my TBR pile. After that who knows? I think I’ll enjoy the freedom of reading something the day I bought it. Whether it be YA or crime or biography. 

It definitely paid to read outside my comfort zone. 

What good experiences have you had reading outside your normal genre?


Jo Carter x

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