World Shaker

World Shaker

By Richard Harland
Rating: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

Col lives on the Upper Decks of the juggernaut Worldshaker, a mobile city as big as a mountain. He has been chosen as next Supreme Commander – but then a girl Filthy escaped from Below appears in his cabin. ‘Don’t let ’em take me!’ she begs.

Will he hand her over, or will he break all the rules? Col’s safe, elite world is about to fall apart.

This book was such a surprise of a little nugget! It’s not very well known and it certainly isn’t the next “big” thing, but damn it was entertaining. I wasn’t sure what to expect in the beginning. It started slow, and I wonder how much of the set up the story actually needed, but it sure picked up in the last three quarters!

Throughout the whole book I was torn between wanting to smack Col on the head for being so naive and liking him for being a genuine person. He was brought up in a scarily sheltered world.

The upper class society reminded me of the Capitol people from The Hunger Games, except they in no way wanted to associate with the lower deck Filthies. But it wasn’t a story about racism, it was more, uneducation.

The only character who seemed really racist was Sir Mormus. He knew exactly who, and what the Filthies were (you’d be an idiot not too once you saw them), yet he still wanted to keep them down their and control them.

The rest of the characters were simply uneducated, and had never seen a Filthy.


My Writer-ly Perspective

***** SPOILERS ALERT ********

Disclaimer: I take no credit for the novel, world, characters, or plots of the above novel. All credit goes to author/s. I am posting my opinion, and my opinion only, on what, I personally, would have done with this novel. I in no way represent anyone related to the creation of the novel. 

I would have sped up the starting. The rest was good, gripping, keeping you interested.

I think they should have sped up Col going to school. I think it would be interesting to have his first day of school the morning after Riff appeared in his bedroom. There is a lot of slow rumblings in the beginning about Col being chosen to be the Supreme Commander when that really isn’t a large part of the novel. It’s the catalysis of the novel but after he goes to school and learns the door combination it doesn’t play a part at all.

It would also have been cool if Col was friends with Septumus before school. Maybe he’d sneak off to talk to him as kids and then Septumus is like “we can’t be friends at school”. It would be a really quick and easy way to show the hierarchy at school instead of taking heaps of time in the classroom. I’m not even sure exactly what purpose it served aside from learning that the twins rule the school. It would have been cooler if Mr Gibber was Col’s tutor and when he goes to school Professor Twillip is the teacher and eventually he learns to trust Col with the real truth about the Filthies. I just don’t understand why they had to make Mr Gibber such a character when he isn’t a main character. It’s good to have a diverse range of characters, but they go into a giant amount of detail.

I also think his relationship with Riff starts too quickly. After one kiss Col is dumb struck on her. It’s really odd because he changes his mind so quickly about her. It doesn’t make his bubble world feel real if it can be pricked by one kiss. I think Riff should have kissed him on the first night, I have no idea why, but that way he could be thinking on the way to school “maybe they aren’t so bad” and “maybe everyone just doesn’t know”. Then he could get to school and there could be talks of the escaped Filthy and everyone is talking about how bad they are. Which would make Col recoil against Riff and then when they grow closer it would be all the more better.

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