The Musings of a Lunch Time Waitress

I may have mentioned in a previous blog post that I have a day job, …and a night one depending on my shifts. Today I was working the not-so-busy lunch shift, and one of the chefs came out. We had a quick chat whilst I got him a jug of beer for the battered fish, and when he left I stood there feeling odd as I recalled everyone’s opinions of him.

Here’s a hint…they aren’t very high. I started thinking about what makes a person “good”, this ideal of who everyone should strive to be. In reality good is too broad a term. Good worker, good friend, good spirit, good intentions…the list could easily go on until another ice age occurs.

I have a limited number of these Good People as staff members. The one’s that have round about the right mix of kindness, smarts, and humour. Therefore everyone looks up to them, and think’s their opinion is superb and correct.

It didn’t feel like it this time.

This thought reminded me of a Doctor Quinn Medicine Women episode (if you’ve never seen it you need to watch it! http://watchseries.lt/serie/dr._quinn,_medicine_woman ). It’s in the later seasons where Matthew is the sheriff and he’s got a man in jail for raping a girl. Matthew’s friend Emma comes in with some fried chicken and offers some to the prisoner. Matthew gets angry saying he doesn’t deserve it and Emma says “be that for the grace of God”.

I think I mixed up the start of the quote, but the gist of it is: It isn’t for us to judge. How do you know what exactly is going on? Sure it’s not right for someone to rape someone else, I am definitely not justifying that, but maybe unkindness was one of the catalysts of that terrible happening.

My mother works in retail. When she gets a shitty customer instead of getting angry back or giving below average service, she turns on the usual charm and is still her friendly self. In the end the majority of customers have the light bulb moment and realise they don’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, horrible to the staff.

My two favourite characters who live by kindness in their fictional worlds are Ingrid, from Doctor Quinn, and Lana from the Superman TV series Smallville. They are both exceptionally nice people. I could also add another character to that mix, one of my own, Olivia Grace. She’s crazily kind too.

The sad thing is these kind characters are rare. Though if we are being honest, kind characters don’t make an interesting book. Unless of course they are hiding something. I like the idea of a hard working administration female who seems on the outside a normal person, but she really has a malicious intent.

Is that clique? I’m not sure if it’s as exciting to everyone as it is in my head! I can see a tall building, lots of cubicals, more men than women, suits, grey pencil skirts, staplers, wooden desks.

Okay I’m going off on a tangen.

Moral of this post? Be kind. Be nice to people. Maybe you’re a writer who has chosen this career to sit at a desk and not interact with people. Maybe you’re a reader who stays in their book to not deal with anyone. The world can be a bitch, mainly because of the people in it, so let’s spread kindness.

^ That’s the sum of my three hour shift.

P.S. I had really lovely customers today, even the ones that rocked up right on the end of service ordered easy, quick to make and get out food. I’m not sure if they got it when I cheered about their easiness, but I appreciated it 😉

Jo Carter 🙂 x

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