Full-Time Writer in Training Part 2

During work yesterday night (bistro bar maiding) I thought it was high time I spent another day focused on writing. This time I have rethought my approach. I’m not going to use an hour by hour schedule that I can just throw away when my mother suggests TV dramas (we are currently rewatching Dr Quinn Medicine Woman).

I’m going to have daily objectives. That way I will have flexibility if something comes up, but I have a list of things to get done.

1. Edit twenty pages of my novel

2. Read seventy-four pages of Falling to Ash

3. Write a post about Aesthetic Bookshelf Obsession

4. Finish my Design and Produce Business Documents Tafe assignment and submit it.

5. Clean my bedroom and begin to pack for Wollongong

6. Do five or six song challenges

7. Listen to the rest of the AWC podcast I’m up to

Edit Twenty Pages of my Novel
This took me three hours, and it shouldn’t have. The only reason it took me three hours is because I was watching Dr Quinn. I am a terrible sucker for TV shows. I was really productive in the last two hours because the episode was finished, and there was music on and I was sitting at the dining room table instead of the couch. After a short break I could have kept going on with editing for the rest of the day, but of course I had more objectives to complete today.

Finish Design and Produce Business Documents Tafe Assignment & Submit
I passed this one with almost flying colours 😀 I didn’t want to do it at all. At lunch Mum made us hot dogs on buns and we put on another Dr Quinn (it’s a wonderfully distractive show). I’d just started to read my seventy-four pages of Falling to Ash, but I couldn’t do that whilst watching TV (I will learn discipline against TV one day). I wanted to do something else on my objectives list. Tafe popped into my head, and I did it! I started to read the word Powerpoint and I was like no no no no I wanna go back to my book, but I did it and it only took like forty minutes. Emailed to my teacher and all 🙂

Clean my Bedroom
It only took one episode of Friends to clean my room. Go me! I was also collaborating with cousin whilst I was reading it for a new novel idea. We are going to write different perspectives and try our hands at a thriller, which could end up terrible as we’ve both never written thrillers, but I’m sure we’ll have exceptional fun and learn heaps. I’ve tried collaborating with one of my friends years ago and that went very well. We had wonderful characters and a good idea, but after a while she was writing ahead of me as I was writing the novel I’m working on now. I gave her total control to do with what she wanted, but she was working on her own manuscript too. It has now ended up as an abandoned project on our computers. I’ll let you know how this one with my cousin goes.

Write a Post About Aesthetic Bookshelf Obsession
I wrote it before work and it was a surprisingly easy post to write. To give me ideas of things to post, I’m going to write a post about something that links to the book I’m currently reading. I choose Aesthetic Bookshelf Obsession because I learnt from Karen Mahoney’s blog, author of Falling to Ash, that the second book in the Moth series isn’t going to be published physically, only via ebook. You can read the post here. I also think it would be good to start doing Social Network Sunday, where I write a post on each of my social media outlets once a week. Episode 8 of So You Want To Be A Writer by Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait said that writers who have an online presence should update once a week. I’m going to have a go and see if it brings more of an audience. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Read Seventy-four Pages of Falling to Ash
I read these pages in two sessions. One after editing my twenty pages and the rest after work just before writing this post. It got super interesting! I’m honestly having a bit of a trouble with the MC’s reasoning for hating a character, but I’ll talk more about that tomorrow when I finish it and write my review before visiting my sister in Wollongong.

Listen to the Rest of the AWC Podcast I’m Up To
As I mentioned before I listen to the podcast So You Want To Be A Writer. I shorten it to AWC because it’s done through the Australian Writer’s Centre, considering Valerie Khoo is the director, and I think Allison Tait must help out or contribute, I’m not sure, but she’s freelance writer, and an author among other things. Both of the women speaking are very experienced and therefore it makes for an interesting podcast. I had only listened to three because they go for about an hour and I find it hard to commit to listening to something solely for that long, until I stayed at my boyfriend’s house for three nights and had a forty minute commute to work. I am now up to episode eight and loving it! It is really informative and helps me to keep motivated. I’ve still got eighteen minutes left and I was going to listen to it before bed, but it’s now 11:30pm and I should really get some sleep.

The other thing on my list I haven’t summarized is do five or six song challenges, but I didn’t have enough time or probably more correctly enough productivity 😛 But I will try to do them tomorrow. I have another day off – I worked tonight and will work tomorrow night – therefore I’m going to try and get more things done.

How do your writing days go?

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