Full-Time Writer in Training Part 3

Since I received more activity on this type of post than any other I thought I’d do another one! And I also happened to have another night shift at work leaving me with the whole day free! 😀

Objectives for 8th October 2014

  • Edit twenty pages of my novel
  • Read the last fifty-nine pages of Falling to Ash and write a review
  • Add Social Media buttons to my blog – FB, Twitter, Instagram AND Goodreads. I always forget about Goodreads, but I always update what I’m reading, my thoughts whilst reading it, and I always always rate it. You can find me on Goodreads here.
  • Pack for Wollongong – this is a MUST, I’m going tomorrow!
  • Re-submit the corrections for Design and Produce Business Documents
  • Finish Use Business Technology
  • Collaborate with Amber on our new WIP

Edit twenty pages of my novel
I did this after my five song challenges and a quick brekkie and Twitter session. There are actually a lot of things on Twitter. I’ve got forty-three more pages to edit and I would really like to see if I can do them before I go to Wollongong. That way I can use those five days away as my break before reading the manuscript again. If I get everything done, or well the more important things then I’ll edit more. It is also easier to edit at the moment, not as many corrections as I’m getting to the end and things seem to progress more smoothly towards the end.

Collaborate with Amber on our new WIP
Our first real chat about it is going well. We both have strong opinions about things, but so far we have been able to meet in the middle 🙂 We’ve got our two characters, a sort of storyline…we tried to come up with something solid, but have settled on being pansters! We’ve already got two scenes and the characters are comfortable together. Our schedule is one scene each week.

Read the last fifty-nine pages of Falling to Ash and write a review
I read these pages in two sessions like yesterday. I got down to twenty pages and I could not read anymore. I dunno it was just…the massive drama was over, but I didn’t find the resolution all that interesting. My review was surprisingly easy to write. It turns out I had heaps to say. You can read it here. The decision of which book to read next was difficult. The choice was between the first in my mum’s favourite series The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel or third in my favourite series Beautiful Oblivion by Jamie McGuire. In the end Beautiful Oblivion won out, and even after reading for half an hour in my dinner break at work I felt myself being pulled under by the compelling nature of these books. Now I’ve got two choices for the car trip tomorrow! AWC podcasts or Beautiful Oblivion 🙂

Re-submit the corrections for Design and Produce Business Documents
I did this easily. I only had a few stupid mistakes to correct.

On the whole this day doesn’t appear to be as productive as yesterday. I had a half an hour nap at two thirty and I’m very surprised I’m awake at 12:28am. All I was thinking about during the last hour of work was sleep! But I feel fairly awake at the moment. Let’s see what happens when I finish this post and my head hits the pillow 😛

I think I was unproductive because I spent the majority of the day talking to Amber about our new book. We’ve both written a scene and have ones to go away and work on.

The last thing I’m going to say is a big thank you to everyone who has liked or commented or followed my blog 🙂 If there is a particular post you would like to see more of comment below! I’d love to hear any and all feedback 🙂

Until next time!

Jo Carter x

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