Social Media Sunday

This is the first in hopefully a never ending series of posts updating what’s been happening with me this week. Why the name? Well I’ve called it Social Media Sunday because I’m going to be posting weekly updates on all my social media accounts. There’s no point having them if I don’t update regularly and keep in touch with the world! My blog post will be detailed, Facebook will be a summary, and Twitter will be a short blast.

On The Writing Front
I am definitely going to finish my short term goals before Christmas. I finished adding all the edits into my third draft on Thursday. I wanted to get it done before I went to my sister’s on Thursday…goal achieved 😀 It’s time to let my novel sit for at least a week, maybe two, maybe more. I’m excited to see how different things are and what things I need to change this time around. I’ve made a deal with myself that I can’t start reading until I’ve written two scenes that need adding to my manuscript.
I’m starting to write another novel with my cousin. It’s a horror story, and it’s my first time collaborating with another writer. It’s going well so far. I’ve written my first scene as my character, but we are having a few disagreements about his voice. We are just discussing it now and should come to a conclusion soon 🙂

On The Blogging Front
I’ve got a total of 32 followers now on my blog, thanks guys! My most popular post this week is my review of Falling to Ash, it received four likes and one reblog 🙂 You can read it here. I’ve also posted two Full-Time Writer in Training posts, and since they are now a regular blog post I’m going to be adding a new item in the menu above very shortly

On The Social Media Front
I’ve got two more Twitter followers…woohoo!…haha two more isn’t heaps, but it does bring my total to ten 😉 Okay ten isn’t giant either! But it’s a start, and I’m very glad for each and every one of my twitter followers 🙂 I’m finding I am using Twitter for short updates when I just wanna say something quick and exciting! (well exciting to me 😛 )
Sad news on the Facebook front…I’ve lost a like 😦 I had a look at what I posted on the day and it was just a short update about how I find it easier to edit one character’s scenes than another’s. Which I dunno if other people find it boring, I’m guessing it’s one of those people who liked it because they were like cool someone I know is writing a book! and then got over the updates. Still it was a short update probably better suited to Twitter. I think I’ll only use my Facebook account for bigger news, like my weekly summary.

A Word About Wordle
Wordle is this awesome website which lets you create word clouds from writing. I use it after I’ve completed a draft to highlight which words I’ve used most of. The larger the words, the more I use them. It’s a great tool to show you which lazy words you use. You can find the website at wordle.net.Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 8.17.35 pm

This is my word cloud for the third draft. The largest word is Harley, followed by Luca, and then Claire. After that back, eyes & know are the next biggest. I don’t see many large lazy words. I can see just, like, and still. I need to watch out for those words, but they are definitely smaller than the last cloud.

This cloud is from my second draft. Harley, Luca and Claire are still the biggest. Followed by didn’t, going, Pan, back, and eyes. You can still see lazy words like just and like, still is pretty small.

And this is my first draft. Harley is massive, followed by Luca, Rivar, just and Claire. Isn’t it terrible how large just is? But it is satisfying to look at the ones now and see how small it is now. The next biggest words are back, didn’t, know and like.
Overall I still need to cut out the word like, definitely, and try to get rid of just more.

I have also been listening to many Australia Writer’s Centre Podcasts. They have been wonderfully entertaining on long car trips and I learn heaps too.

Now it’s time for sleep before starting to week all over again 🙂 I hope you liked learning about my week and all the highlights 🙂

Until next time

Jo Carter x


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