Why Does Everyone Think Wicked Lovely Is Similar To Twilight??

You know when you have one of those days…the lazy ones where you don’t want to do anything. Or if you are doing something it’s watching reruns of Friends and trolling the internet.

Well today whilst I was being lazy before my night shift at work I was Ebaying the prices of books I have for my catalogue (I keep a catalogue in case my house burns down to claim for insurance). I’m up to Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. Someone has written in the title for their copy “Romance Similar To Twilight”.

I want to face palm the computer so hard… I don’t think it’s even possible to face palm a computer, but it’s how I am feeling.

I’ve read both of them. They are SO different. First of all the MC in Wicked Lovely, Aislinn, has always known about faeries. The MC in Twilight, Bella, had no idea about vampires. Aislinn already has lots of friends and a love interest. Bella comes to Forks without friends, finds it hard to make ones she actually likes, and her eventual love interest appears to hate her at first.

There are many other differences, and they multiply as both series go on.

The person who wrote that in the description has clearly not read both books, and is just trying to appeal to anyone whose read Twilight. I find that pathetic.

There was a sticker on the copy I bought that has a quote from Publishers Weekly: “Compulsive enough to give Twilight a run for its money.” Just to clarify, that is NOT saying how similar they are. It only states it’s as addictive as Twilight. You can say that about any two books, similar or different.

It’s like the Ebayer is saying The Diary of Anne Frank is similar to The Book Thief. Same sort of time in history, but their stories are vividly different. They could say “The romance appeals to fans of Twilight”. But it is not the same.

Now I’ve got forty minutes before I have to get ready for work and I am going to continue my lazy stint and read more of The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. Don’t worry I’m not going to compare it to The White Mare by Jules Watson just because they both are from historical time periods and involve an outsider joining them and stirring up trouble 😛



Jo Carter x


P.S. Sorry for not doing my second Social Media Sunday. I am not off to a good start! But it’ll be there next week. I just need to get out of this lazy stint that has been suffocating me. How does everyone get out of a lazy mindset?

2 thoughts on “Why Does Everyone Think Wicked Lovely Is Similar To Twilight??

  1. Ah I love your sarcasm Jo! Also I’d never really considered the differences! I guess from vague synopsis I would lump them into together, when really they’re different books with different story lines.

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