SoMeSu 2/11/2014

Yes I made it!

You know what? I nearly forgot…AGAIN! Yes I know terrible.

I have been doing Tafe pretty much non stop, and in my spare time tonight after finishing I’ve been looking at pole dancing cartoons. They are gorgeous! Every writer should have some type of physical activity. For motivational purposes, and fitness & health, and sometimes it’s just damn good to get out of your chair and do SOMETHING active.

Pole dancing is my physical activity, especially when I don’t have half a day to dedicate to riding my horse. Just to clarify: For fitness and fun (NOT stripping). I’ve been going batty sitting behind my computer for the past three days doing Tafe. Tafe. That is all. The end of my course is looming, and I’ve got three weeks to complete the last two units I’ve got due.

All of my time is dedicated to Tafe except for hospital visits, and spontaneous shopping trips for my sanity. I bought myself a new speaker for blasting music whilst poling away 🙂 I am finished Tafe earlier tonight which is awesome. Normally I’m finishing at 11pm, but it’s only 9pm 😀

Now to the writing side of things after unloading my thoughts onto you… (by the way if you are also a pole dancing this the site I read the comics on http://poledancingadventures.com/)


I love instagram! My young sister (not the one in hospital) loves to remind me I was anti-instagram for ages. I was one of those, “why do I want instagram? All people do is take photos of their food”, people.

Recently I’ve realised I’ve got quite a big collection of book related “memes” on my iPad and I thought since I enjoy reading them so much, I wondered if other people would like to see them too.

I’ve never really done much writerly related on my Insta, apart from my description and my webpage link. I’m now putting up daily pictures of book memes. It has generated lots of double taps and a few more followers. *Gets iPad to get the correct numbers* 22 new likes..Wow that has generated more than I thought since Thursday, and one new follower. Not as impressive as the likes considering I know the girl in real life (I did vet work experience with her), but I am happy with the likes. I’m hoping as I post more pictures of book memes I’ll get more followers. To be fair when I look at the insta’s from images of book memes I liked, I often don’t follow them if they only have occasional book meme pictures. We’ll see as time goes on 🙂 You can find me on Instagram here. I will get those social media buttons up one day…

Oh and before I forget (I’m good at that 😛 ), I also got what seemed like a good comment on one of my images. The person was offering floating bookshelves for free. You know the awesome ones like this:

floating bookshelves They were like just fill out this survey and you can have one for free! I should have known when it said “survey”. Those things are never as they say.

Sure enough I clicked on the link and it asked me download flappy bird for $10 a week of my credit. NO. It says on your bio 100% free. THAT IS NOT FREE!

Okay so I am going to report this user, as in finding this picture the floating bookshelves are for sale on Amazon. And the instagram said you only need to provide a review because they want good ratings BEFORE they go online for sale for everyone.


I haven’t got much writing done, which I said on my last post. I am definitely giving myself a break from it. I need more perspective, to come back with fresh eyes. I have two scenes to write in the mean time. I’m watching the latest Doctor Who episode. After I finish this post, I might be able to write some more. It possibly won’t be good because I’m distracted, but it’ll be something on the page for me to work on.


I’ve synced my Instagram with Facebook. Kill two birds with one stone? I like how you can choose, when you upload to Instagram, which photos you put on Facebook. I got three likes and one comment on those photos. Other than that I haven’t written much on Facebook. Except for Goodreads updates posted to my personal Facebook. I wish I could change my Goodreads setting to post on my writer page. If anyone knows how to, please share 🙂

I download a program called Grammarly. I found it from an ad before a Youtube video. It’s a program which, as you can guess by the name addresses grammar. It also address contextual spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, style, vocabulary enhancement, and plagiarism.

Yes, yes, I know, there is Hemingway App which does most of that.

But you can download Grammarly. No internet required to operate.

But you can do that with the Hemingway App too and it’s cheaper.

But you can use Grammarly in Word.

Yes I did just say that. When you download Grammarly it isn’t a separate program. It latches on to Word like a parasite and even creates itself a new tab. You don’t have to bother with copying and pasting into a separate app, then copying and pasting the changes back over again.

I guess if you write in Schriever the discovery of this program isn’t as awesome to you, but I love it! Unfortunately I won’t be using it until I’ve fixed my structure issues and scene issues.

I can however tell you about another cool feature. You can choose what type of document you are writing and it’ll keep that in mind.

Now it’s time for sleepies x

See you guys soon!

Jo Carter 🙂

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