Okay guys funny sorry… I nearly forgot about Social Media Sunday again!!!!

The stats are in:
Instagram – 18 likes on book related posts (it’s also my personal Instagram)
Facebook – 6 likes
This website – 2 likes, 2 comments & a follower.

How Google-able am I this week?
I typed in Jo Carter and a Facebook link came up. It was a search for all the Jo Carter related things on Facebook and my writer page came up first. Probably because of my location…it’s a start I guess. I’ve looked up to page five and there’s nothing else. No Twitter (fair enough I need to post more), Instagram, or this website.
But if I type in Jo Carter writer the first link is this website followed by Twitter. I need to work on getting my name singly up there without having to put writer.
I’ll look up some tips throughout the week and post them. One quick one: end all your posts with your name, the more times you write it, the better – without over using. Also Google loves regular updaters.

Tomorrow I’m going to read through the third draft of my novel again to see if the structure has improved.

I’ve decided to take my Tafe work into next year as well. More writing time yay 😀 less stress in this last few weeks, and I’ll be more competent in my day job.

I want to have another whinge about the internet. Some days I don’t know why I bother with it.

I was trolling on Goodreads, reading the reviews of The Clan of the Cave Bear and I came across a lady who said (among many other things) that the author, Jean M. Auel used some advanced terminology for the time period. Which I agree yes that happens, however the novel was in third person. It also wasn’t colloquial language, it was mainly physiology used to describe bodily functions, like dehydration.

What does everyone think? Yay or nay? When is it okay to use terminology not usually fitting to the novel?

Again, Instagram. People. Commenting. For. Personal. Gain. This really awesome book blogging user, they post the most gorgeous covered novels. Matching series. And colours. And sizes. Yum-ee! But the reason I found it was because they commented: We love your blog (insert face with hearts for eyes), check ours out! I don’t mind that seriously. But it was obvious they didn’t really love my blog because they didn’t follow me.

Is this sort of publicity okay? It worked, I love their blog, but I feel like they should follow me in return. Their praise just didn’t seem real.

Let me know in he comments below!

Speak to you guys again soon 🙂 have an awesome week! Xx

Jo Carter 🙂 xo

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