Time for an update: Second novel outline, AWR Podcast so you want to be a writer & my reading list for 2015

The reason I haven’t posted anything on Social Media Sunday is because apart from Instagram I’ve been off social media (writer wise 😛 ). I wouldn’t have anything to report. This post could have been my SoMeSu, but in all honestly I didn’t feel like posting on Sunday night. I was super tired and went to bed at 9.30 before trying to clean my room for three episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

However I haven’t been working on my novel as I’m giving it a rest. I know I said I was going to read my novel about two weeks ago, but when the day came I didn’t feel like having a reading marathon. I Googled about whether it was smart to read it over a period of time like a few days, in a few sittings, instead of one. I couldn’t find anything, but I did find a section from Stephen King’s On Writing. It said to wait five weeks minimum when giving your novel a break.

Bam! There was the excuse I needed to not read it. I won’t call it an excuse. It’s honestly good advice. It was like my instincts were trying to tell me to wait longer when I didn’t want to read it. I trimmed my horse’s hooves after I got back from Wollongong, and when I trim them again in a month I’m going to pull my manuscript out to read. That’ll be about six weeks, because I put it down before Wollongong, and I was in the Gong for two weeks.

My sister is doing better by the way. She’s out of hospital and adjusting to life again.

What have I been working on? The outline for the second novel in my series. I know the advice is don’t write the second novel if you haven’t pitched the first, sold it, and know if it’ll do well, but publishing hasn’t got much to do with it.

Sure my end goal is to be published, but the reason I want to be published is more about self satisfaction than money. Making money is a bonus for doing something I love, but I want the satisfaction of being able to hold the book in my hand, see the beautiful cover, and finally put it on the shelf after I’ve read it in paperback form. To see something on the shelf with my name on.

Therefore I’m going to write it whether I get published or not. But I’m determined to be published anyway 😉

Recently I’ve been listening to Australia Writer’s Centre podcasts. I’m half way through episode 16. I listen to them on the way to work and I love it! There’s roadworks on my usual route to work. The other way takes ten minutes longer, a full half an hour now which makes it feel worth it to turn on an episode. I don’t want to stop driving!

I got excited about the previous episode because it interviewed Kim Wilkins which I realised I’ve bought one of her books recently Daughters of the Storm. Boy is she an interesting and bubbly person. She was a joy to listen to.

Since the year is coming to a close I’ve been thinking about how many books I’d like to read this year. I worked out if I read 50 pages a day I can read roughly 16, 000 pages. Heaps!! :DD I then wrote down the pages of each books on my top TBR shelf into a spreadsheet. A few calculations later and I worked out to read the whole top shelf all it would take is 16 pages a day, but if I went for my goal of 50 pages I could read to top and middle shelf.

After that I worked out to read the two books I’m currently reading, The Last Stand of Dead Men and Petals on the Wind (man do I have some opinions about the second Virginia Andrew’s book!), and the last Skulduggery The Dying of the Light, I need to read 30 pages a day. Easy Peasy!

It’s 9:27pm now and it’s time for sleep in half an hour maybe. I’ve got ten or so pages to go and I would loooove to sleep. That way I’m not tired when I get up to do more work on my outline.

The past two days have been awesome. I’ve been getting up at 7am (sometimes 7:05, 7:15, 7:30, it varies) to write some more of the outline for the second book in my series. After that I’ve been going to work from 9-5 (generally 5.30-6 depending on how busy I am). Poling (at home most afternoons, except Monday where I go to Ebony’s studio), and then dinner. I’ve been struggling to clean my room because the day is gone and I’m exhausted by the time I get to my room.

But I am loving it 🙂 I find my brain is too worn out after a day in the office I can’t concentrate enough to write, but in the morning…it’s perfect! My brain is fresh and ready 🙂 Then off to work and I can pole afterwards to give my brain a break and work my body instead 🙂 My muscles are growing 😀

Until next time you guys 🙂

Jo Carter x

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