A Graphic To “Help” Choose Traditional or Self Publishing

Try it! I date you 😛TWL-Flow-Chart-660px-5

The reason I didn’t like this flowchart is it’s too broad.

After reading the numerous comments on the original posting on The Write Life the author explained it was mostly humorous and to make people wake up to how taxing self publishing really is.

Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those deluded people. I don’t agree with some of the points on the flowchart.

Here is my path along with my thoughts:

1. Do you hope to become a millionaire from your writing?
I originally picked yes. What sane writer would say, “no, I don’t hope to earn lots of money doing something I love. I want to be in the middle ground”. However picking yes, meant I wasn’t ready/I don’t understand the industry/I need to save money/I know nothing about writing. They should have worded it: Do you think it’s realistic that you are going to make millions?

After picking no, the next question is: Are you willing to work really hard?
Simple enough, yes I am willing to work hard. I agree with the response to a “no” answer. If you think writing isn’t hard you are either the luckiest person in the world to effortlessly write, or you have never written apart from English class & social media and need to wake up to yourself if you are wanting to become a writer.

Why do you want to be published?
Your options are seeing your writing in a physical book or traditional bragging rights. What if you want to see a physical book but don’t want to self publish? What if you want to brag about how traditional publishers rejected you, but you self published and have sold 500,000 copies? What if you want both? The flowchart is too GENERAL. I picked a physical book, that is my main aim aside from breathing life into my characters. I want a physical book on my shelf.

That took me to: Do you have the time/skills/money/expertise to publish & market your own book?
ASSUMING! Assuming that, because I chose that I wanted a physical book over traditional bragging rights, I want to self publish. Many self published books are e-books. Not. Physical. Things.

I said no to this (I don’t have the money to invest in editors, cover designs, marketing, promotions, which is why I’m thinking traditional publishing) and it said again that I’m not ready.
I know nothing/I don’t have enough money/I need to learn/I’m an idiot.

Not exactly in those words, but by this stage I was pretty annoyed. Thank God people commented and the author commented back that this flowchart was more humourous and general than actual factual*.

*You could have said this at the bottom of the post. And then asked a real question like: what things did you/are you considering between traditional and self publishing.

This was a very ironic post to come across in my inbox (guys I’m up to 53 unread, it is email checking day today!) considering my post a few hours ago.

Double blast of Traditional vs. Self, but I really felt it, ya’ know?

♥ This post came from the heart ♥

Anyone have any opinions on this not commented on my previous post?

Jo Carter 🙂 x














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