Join the conversation, it really works! (Exciting news :D )

You may have heard tips about joining the conversation online. Commenting on things, talking to people, asking questions, sharing your opinion. I remember I thought, yeah okay sounds good, but what can it really do? 

A lot. I tell you.


I posted a comment on an article about writing tools.

I got a comment back from an editor who thought my comment was hilarious as it reminded her of herself when she starting out, checked out my blog, and wanted to take a look at my novel if I didn’t already have an editor.

Now for someone wanting to break into the industry I was stoked!

The only downside was, she’d posted the comment six months ago and I. Only. Just. Realised. Talk about late with the reply!

Which brings me to my next bit of advice: make sure your notifications are set to EMAIL, or something that you check regularly.

I was a tense ball for the whole evening trying to figure out which chapters to send, and whether or not I’d missed the boat.

In the end she was really lovely about it, remembered who I was, and was glad I emailed her. She really enjoyed my chapters and definitely wanted to work with me.

I also loved what she did with my sample chapters.

I can now proudly say, I have my first editor 🙂


I urge everyone to COMMENT, ENGAGE, ASK QUESTIONS, you never know who is out there.

I also have another quick story about how getting involved helps. I recently joined a pole dancing group on Facebook. A lady messaged me because she liked my post and saw on my profile that I also loved horses, as she did too. We got to talking and it turns out her cousin works at a publishing house. She put me onto her cousin who gave me some tips about submitting.

In the end that’s all the conversation led to, but it still goes to show, you never know who is out there reading, participating…

Comment on something. Even if it’s only a tweet, Facebook post, or article delivered to your inbox.

You never know where it’s going to lead you 🙂


Jo Carter x 🙂

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