SoMeSu 23/11/14

Hello everyone and welcome back to Social Media Sunday!

Gosh I sound like Valerie Khoo when she’s greeting everyone at the start of an Australian Writers’ Centre podcast. “Hello everyone and welcome to So you want to be a writer episode…” It’s suck in my head because I am still listening to them in the car, before and after work. I am determined to catch up! I’m in the late teen’s, and they’ve recorded up to the thirty’s. I’m getting there, slowly, and I am having a great time doing it.

However! Today I didn’t feel like listening to them as I drove home from my boyfriend’s. My head was too full of “why me?”‘s and “what makes me so good?”. I had to plug angry Nickelback in and let my mind tumble around. But the silly thing is, these questions weren’t for a bad reason, they were for a good one! In case you haven’t read my post (that I published only ten minutes ago 😛 ), I’ve managed to score myself an editor 🙂 You can read the post here.

I spent today madly fixing things up because I was plagued with self doubt that my MS wasn’t good enough. After reading it over and tweaking a few things, I felt better. Yet on the drive home I couldn’t fathom the idea that someone outside my family and friends actually thinks my writing is good.

My thoughts sounded like this:

Oh my God I can’t believe someone actually likes my writing. And they want to read my novel based on the writing from my blog? Seriously? I honestly can’t believe it. I thought the writing on my blog was sucky. I only thought people liked reading it was because it was amusing and they liked what I said. Not that I actually have style and voice, as my editor said. I thought it would be my novel that would convince people I can write, and then they’d only read my blog to keep up with me. Do you think she really likes it? Really?

It was like this for the whole half an hour trip home. Okay, half an hour isn’t very long, but throughout writing my novel I’ve always managed to keep fairly positive. I’m not used to this self doubt feeling.

Now onto social media.

I’ve been keeping my Instagram posts up nearly every day. I really like it because it’s something simple, easy and I am good at remembering it. All those bookish photos get posted to my Facebook at the same time gaining me likes on them both ways.

I need to remember to go onto Twitter more. There is a wealth of writing articles on there because of who I am following. Not that I don’t have enough writing articles going into my inbox daily. I had 56 unread on Friday and I was determined I was going to spend the day going through them, but it’s harder than I thought.

Many of the emails are about writing articles and each email contains about five of them. I like to read them and process the information, comment on them (definitely comment it works well. Read my post about how it worked out well for me), and then if I think it’s worthwhile add them to my new menu item:

Writing Advice

I’ve wanted to do something like this on a blog for ages. I have zillions of emails in subfolders in my inbox with writing advice in them, but I would really like to clean up my email. On Friday I added in a new drop down menu onto this blog. In the menu above, hover your mouse over “Writing Advice” and pick your subcategory from the menu which drops down.

I’ve only got a few articles on each page, but it will grow with the more emails I get. I love that I can keep all the information, keep my inbox clean, and share the information with everyone.

Speaking of Friday, WordPress declared this was my best day on my blog so far. I published two posts about self publishing, you can find them here and here. I also posted a short blast about winning a professional headshot via Write To Done, you can read that post here.

I now have 51 followers. Yay! Happy 50th! Man I got old fast 😉

Now for a test. Let’s see how Googleable I am!

I am on page five after just typing in Jo Carter. Woooo!!! Celebrate? While five isn’t a good number it’s pretty alright. At least I am on there! Last time I posted a SoMeSu, my Facebook page came up straight away, but I looked all the way up to page five and there was nothing else. I guess that is progress? 🙂

Now for the combo of: Jo Carter writer:

And this blog comes up straight away! At least I seem to be the only Jo Carter writer on the net. The second link is to my Twitter page which baffles me because I don’t use it heaps. I also need to change my twitter handle if I can. It’s still @horse_chick87. That will not help people trying to find me!

The second last item on the first page is my Facebook page.

In conclusion I am definitely Googleable. I am out there on Google, but I still need to get up higher under just Jo Carter as opposed to adding writer afterwards. I will strive to find an article about how to become more Googleable, I know I promised one last time, but I have been preoccupied with the thrill of having my first editor 😛

Now on that note I’m going! I’ve got my pages of Skulduggery to read and I actually have to catch up. I read 30 pages on Friday, and should have read 60 to catch up from Thursday. I haven’t read anything on Saturday, and nothing today.

Catch up total is 30 (Thurs & Fri) + 30 (Sat) + 30 (Today) = 90 altogether.

Talk to you guys soon 🙂

Jo Carter 😀 x

One thought on “SoMeSu 23/11/14

  1. Well done on attaining an editor, after all the hard work you have put in it was certain that one day someone outside of family and friends would like your writing, keep up the good work.

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