Petals on the Wind

petals on the windBy Virginia Andrews
Dollanganger Series #2

Rating: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

The children now growing to adulthood have escaped from their confinement in the dark attic to the sunlit world outside.

But they found that the horror and pain of their captivity would not leave them. The remembrance of it would not allow them to lead ordinary lives. 

Was it their fault? Was there something strange about them?

Only their mother could help them. Only revenge could satisfy them. 

Okay, so, even this blurb is wrong. I seem to be on a crusade to also review the blurbs. It’s just shocking how many are wrong. True some of only in a few words, a sentence here and there, but it still annoys me. One of my pet peeves!

The only sentence in this blurb was “Only revenge could satisfy them”. If the “them” was changed to “Cathy” it would be correct. Chris and Carrie only wanted to fall in love. They could forget, in a sense, they weren’t consumed with plans to wreck their mother’s life.

When I was half way through this book I really, really, REALLY, wanted to slap Cathy. I wanted to reach into the book and scream at her for being a whore. Seriously. I could not tell whether she genuinely loved these men she was playing with or not.

It seems only after she loses them she realises she actually loves them. No Cathy that is not how it works. You were right not to love them because they are horrible bastards except for your brother who is still in love with you.

Honestly, the man who takes them in is an idiot. He should have given them counseling straight up, instead of letting them go about their lives.

In hindsight after finishing the book I realised why Virginia Andrews wrote Cathy in this novel.

Cathy is a trainwreck of a person in Petals on the Wind. Of course she is. After being locked up in the attic for three years nobody could blame her for being nuts, for acting nuts. I would be surprised if her life turned out normal after this.

She needed all her craziness in this novel to get over the past. It’s a side effect of what happened and I honestly wouldn’t blame her.

Petals on the Wind was a weird book. Of course it was. Virginia Andrews wrote it. But it’s still compelling like all the rest. As human beings we are curious about what we don’t know.

If you got through Flowers in the Attic read this one. In some ways it’s weirder and in some ways it’s not.

I’m not sure which one I liked better, but I was never bored reading either.

One thought on “Petals on the Wind

  1. My favourite book series as a teenager, back in the days of no vampires, etc. Very different story line for sure but definitely a very compelling read, well worth the effort

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