Round 1: 2015 Reading List Showdown

Considering how many books I want to read this year (45) I was curious to know which book I’m most anticipating reading. Therefore I decided to do a 2015 Reading List Showdown. Initially I hoped to have it out and completed before the New Year, but it’s the 10th today…

Oh well here is round one! And I hope to be pumping out round two over the next few days, and so on.

Happy 2015 Reading!

P.S. if you find any titles which intrigue you from the pictures or my words, you can find them and there blurbs when you click on the menu item My 2015 Reading List 🙂

Billabong V FactotumNamedropper V So Much To Tell YouVD V Beautiful MaliceMercy V SwitchedAlaska V NightfallZombieland V Coraline GraphicShadow Souls V ThornsYesterday V MidnightCoraline V NecropolisPrincess V PhantomSupernaturally V FortunateLegacy V ScorpioPride V MoonsongImmortal V InkStrange V EvernightStardust V RevealedGirl V TidesClowns V KeySplintered V YesterdaysDoctor V Hearts of HorsesLove V Wild Women

4 thoughts on “Round 1: 2015 Reading List Showdown

  1. I really want to read the tomorrow series now haha! I user to read little segments of whatever one Brett was up to when he was reading them. I will get to Coraline one day too! You’ll have to give The Ocean at the End of the Lane a go one day. Completely different to what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. It was like a simple adult fairy tale with a really well developed fantasy world mixed in with reality. Also I know season three of Vampire Diaries isn’t great but at season 4 it picks up again! I’ve absolutely loved the last two seasons.

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    1. The Tomorrow series is awesome! Aside from being a good idea, John Marsden writes well 🙂 I will, one day when my TBR is lower 😉 Okay that is good, I’m ignoring it for now because I’m sick of the Claus crap… I just wanna see Stefan and Elena make out again! Which I doubt is going to happen since he was a nut job, but a girl can dream… 😛

      1. Yes you have an awful lot of books to read! Here I am feeling successful when I’m almost through a new book in a couple of months! Yeah they overdo all the Klaus stuff- especially since they half try to make him a good character with the Caroline stuff while constantly outlining how ‘bad’ he is. BUT as him and the rest of the family get their own tv show they leave and rarely come back. Surprisingly it’s fairly good show as well..

  2. That I do… I’m hoping to get through close to two shelves. Yes but you have Uni work to read 😛 He was just starting to hit on Caroline when I stopped watching, have no idea how that’s going to work… I really like Rebecca for some reason. I can’t really remember anymore 😛

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