The Dying of the Light

The Dying of the LightBy Derek Landy
Skulduggery Pleasant #9
Rating: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

“You’re wearing it,” Darquesse said, almost excitedly. “The gauntlet! You know what that means, don’t you? The vision is about to come true…”

Following the loss of Valkyrie Cain, Skulduggery Pleasant draws together a team of soldiers, monster hunters, killers and criminals to track down and stop Darquesse before she turns the world into a charred, lifeless cinder.

The war of the Sanctuaries may be over, but the final battle is about to begin. And not everyone gets out alive…

I sort of don’t know how I feel about finishing this book. On one hand it feels damn good to finish a series. After I’ve spent two, maybe three years, reading all the books I’ve bought on my TBR shelf, I’m going to head to the top of my first shelf, and buy! I’m going to start at A, and work my way to Z, of all the series I’ve started, and I’m going to buy the next ones. And do that again, and again, until I’ve finished all the series I’ve started.

Then finally I’ll be able to step into a bookshelf and indulge myself.

But Skulduggery coming to an end? Well I’m not sure if that quite sits right with me. I’ve been reading Skulduggery since 2008, only two of the novels were out. I’ve been reading it since nearly the beginning.

Back in those days there were six books planned. When it didn’t finish then, I guess I hoped it would go on forever…

I am consoling myself at the moment with the thought that I still have the novella, Armageddon Outta Here, to read.

As with the rest of the Skulduggery series the blurb is awesome and spot on.

This novel was such a surprise. As the blurb says it’s all about trying to kill Darquesse, but it also addresses another few interesting subjects, such as Val’s reflection, and Fletch and Val’s relationship.

I really loved Skulduggery. The only reason I don’t bump them up to five stars is because they aren’t un-put-down-able.

I would recommend them to people quick start. The Dying of the Light is no exception. If you’ve read the rest of the series, read it. Finish it. You’ll be satisified.

A couple things I noticed: 1) Derek put in so many fake deaths with big speeches before the character died, I found it hard to believe when someone actually died. I ended up not being very attached to the characters at all, even when they really did die. 2) Whenever a character was trying to be humorous they all sounded the same. They joked in the same insulting, dry humour, way. I really missed when it was just Val and Skulduggery’s humour.

Aside from that it was a really good book. There were many twists and turns, and the ending is fitting.

Read it! And then let me know what you think, and how upset you are about the end of this awesome series.

Next review: His Majesty’s Dragon. A good book I was not expecting 😀

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! 🙂

Jo Carter 😀 xx

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