Tonight was supposed to be a catch up day: clean my room, write in my diary, check my emails, write those two novel reviews for my blog, write a few words (350) on my manuscript and maybe read if I had time.
What I got done:
1. Clean my bedroom (but does it really count as a finished job when my dirty washing is in a pile near my door with the plastic covers to throw out from my quilt cover set?).
2. Started to write in my diary except I needed to print something I typed up, but my laptop didn’t have power so I had to wait to charge it first and never got to it.
3. Tried to decide which novel to read, Beautiful Malice or the Silver Brumby’s Daughter.
4. THE BEST ONE – I wrote 830 words of my manuscript 😀 I didn’t get much done because I started writing and didn’t want to stop 🙂

I’ve also decided I want to join in with NaNoWrMo this year in November 🙂 All those participating need to try to write 1,667 words a day. Considering I’ve been averaging 600 words in the night over about twenty minutes to forty minutes I think if I got up an hour earlier than normal to write the first 1,000 I could do it.
Not sure how it would go on the weekends with my boyfriend over but I guess it would be fun to find out 😉

How has everyone else been going?

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Until next time,


Jo Carter 😀 x

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