InsurgentBy Veronica Roth
Divergent #2
Rating: ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

“I had done bad things. I can’t take them back, and they are part of who I am.”

Tris has survived a brutal attack on her former home and family. But she has paid a terrible price. Wracked by grief and guilt, she becomes ever more reckless as she struggles to accept her new future.

Yet if Tris wants to uncover the truth about her world, she must be stronger than ever… because more shocking choices and sacrifices lie ahead. 

This book isn’t in my 2015 Reading List – it still feels surreal to be 2015 – but as the movie is coming out I wanted to read it before I watched it. I’m one of those people. I always want to read the book before watching the movie.

I was happy to diverge off my list to read Insurgent. I loved Divergent. I must admit I was slightly worried as my youngest sister hated this book. The problem is she’s in love with Tobias and he’s not as much in this novel as Divergent.

Insurgent is primarily about two things: how Tris’s actions & grief affects her relationship with Tobias, and the war.

Tris as you can understand, comes into this novel completely devastated and wracked with guilt.

Okay, I have some strong feelings about the characters in this book. If you don’t like any spoilers at all don’t read on. Personally I never read a review before I read the novel. Scroll down with care, I will reveal a few things.


Tris is affected by grief over killing Will, and of course she is – she killed her best friend’s boyfriend, one of Tris’s best friends too. Who wouldn’t be shattered by that. I couldn’t get over how childish Tobias was about this. Tris can’t fire a gun because whenever she holds a gun she pictures killing Will all over again. No wonder she can’t hold it.

But because she is wracked by guilt she wants to do something. Of course she wants to battle in the war, she wants to stop the people responsible for killing her parents. Yet because she’s unarmed Tobias kicked up a big stink. On his end of the stick I guess it is fair. He loves her and doesn’t want to loose her, but instead of fighting with her about it, I wish he’d be more understanding. He should be the teacher Tris is always claiming he is and help her deal with her feelings. He should teach her more fighting, it doesn’t matter if she’s smaller and probably won’t be able to win through strength, but knowing more could save her precious seconds until someone with a gun can help her.

And Tris. God. She needs more understanding too. Of course Tobias is not willing to believe anything his father is saying, he hates him, his father abused him. Why the hell would he listen? And of course he loves his mother now that she’s given him a good excuse for leaving him. Far out, Tris. He doesn’t have a father, of course he is wanting to accept his mother’s explanation, excuse or not. You could be a better girlfriend and actually be nice to her.

But there response is, “we aren’t very nice people.” Shut up. Just because you aren’t nice doesn’t mean you have to act like dicks 99% of the time. And despite what you say, you are both nice people.

I had issues with the characters, obviously, however their crap did make the storyline progress. A lot of the stuff was necessary, maybe, I dunno, I can’t pretend to think I can see inside Veronica Roth’s brain. It probably was necessary, and it makes sense too. They hadn’t really been dating for long, and now they have all this stress to deal with. It would put a strain on anything relationship.

The thing that really irked me about Tris and Tobias, well I can’t speak for Tobias since we aren’t in his head, but Tris… whenever she had a fight with Tobias she wanted to reach out to him, she wanted to draw him to her and make things okay. But. She. Didn’t.

Why? Why really? Wouldn’t you be more wanting to reconcile considering you’re in the middle of a war, and those arguments were possibly the last things said to each other? Maybe everyone isn’t hardwired like that. I know that for myself, I am thankful that I closed the distance the last time I had a massive blue with my partner. I could have let him go and maybe the distance would have grown. Maybe it wouldn’t have. Who knows?

I guess that issue is more of a personal thing. I just can’t understand if Tris (or Tobias, he didn’t exactly come closer) want to be together that much, why didn’t they stop the distance before it became too much. I guess sometimes you can’t see the distance, but if you feel the urge to become close again, why the fuck not?

*big sigh*


🙂 I feel better now I got that out.

That being said, I really enjoyed Insurgent. Even though the characters pissed me off, I believe their actions were justified.

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