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The 70/30 Rule of Writing and Promotion

I’ve read in at least five places on the net that 70% of your time should be spent writing and 30% on promotion. And you know what they say about reading things on the internet… If it’s in more than three places there’s a good chance it’s true, and considering there’s no real “rules” in the writing industry (unless of course you’re talking copyright and contracts, but in terms of how to write…) it’s safe to say this is probably good advice.

My issue is, I’ve never been good at splitting my time up. I go insane one way or the other. Not good for my career as an independent author.

It’s going to be my aim now to balance this – or more correctly phrased: for writing to tip the scales more than half way.

How do I plan on doing this? Discipline and planning

Discipline will include things like not binging playing Sims 3 or Pokemon, not watching TV whilst editing (because let’s face it no editing gets done when Reign’s on), and in general focusing when I come home from work. If I can get into the right mindset during the drive home I hope it’ll keep me on track so my butt hits the chair again (after my admin job) and I get words out. And I cannot take the easy way out. I will not spent heaps of time going through my emails and reading articles when I have words to edit or write.

Which brings me to planningOn the drive home from work I need to think about what is to be done for the day. This afternoon, whilst I was singing to my latest CD purchase Demi Lovato, I point blank decided I needed to go through my 46 unread emails, do my budgeting and then edit Kelly’s book.

I’m not sure how the 70/30 is going since it’s 6.31pm and editing time is no where near in sight, but we’ll see.

QTP: What’s your opinion? Do you follow a method or schedule as to how much writing verses promotion?



Jo Carter 🙂


P.S. Thank you for all the likes and follows!  I feel like I have lots of support already on my publishing journey.

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