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Publishing Thoughts & Synopsis Writing

Hey everyone. So I have a confession… I think I might have been a bit hasty when officially declaring I was self publishing. And I had to do it everywhere didn’t I? I posted it in my newsletter and on my Facebook page and on this blog and to my mum and to my dad and to my sister… You get the picture!

But you know what?

I went into a bookshop again – which is rare for me since I have 134+ unread books waiting at home for me – so I went into a bookshop again, and I crumpled. I honestly did. Not literally, I didn’t fall to the floor, but my self publishing arguments crumpled. I looked at the glorious spines, all shining in the florescent lights of the shop, neatly lined up waiting for new homes – and I remembered one of my biggest reasons I originally wanted to be traditionally published.

I wanted to be on the shelf.

And unfortunately, unless I make insanely big (like Jamie McGuire or Stephanie Meyer BIG) I’m not going to make it on bookshelves as a self published author.

Should I care about that if I think I could make more money self publishing? My accountant side is saying NO! But money isn’t everything, right?

It’s always been my plan to work part-time, even if I made loads of money, I’d like the social interaction and regular pay check. So we can deduce I won’t go hungry if I traditionally publish and won’t make heaps.

But, Josephine, what about all your arguments about wanting control? Well I would like control, but I hope my publishers would respect my opinion enough to make *reasonable* changes to things like plot and cover.

In the end I’m still deliberating. I have a pole lesson next week Friday (not Good Friday, but the one after) at my instructors house and maybe I’ll change my mind again. Her partner might decide to visit and tell me how awesome it is to be self published. And I could build up those self publishing reasons again.

But I do know, right now, I still really want to publish with Pantera Press. Even their submission process makes me even more enthused instead of dreading it – they ask for a writing bio which includes your writing ambitions and why you like to write. No other agent or publishing submissions department has specified that in their guidelines, at least not the one’s I’ve looked at and I’ve looked at a lot.

Boyfriend has also suggested I try for more than one publishing house which accepts unsolicited manuscripts, which Harper Collins (fan girl scream at imagining being accepted by them!) does on Wednesday’s.

Of course they ALL want synopsises *shudders* which  means that’s what I’ve been working on lately. But I found this super amazing post by Marissa Meyer (author of The Lunar Chronicles) and it has gotten me over my fear of synopsises, to the point that I’m enjoying writing it. Check it out!

Anyhoo, it’s late and I tried to get a good 8 hours sleep last night but it did NOT work. Hopefully a 9am start as opposed to 7am will help me! 🙂

Thanks for listening 🙂


Jo Carter 😀 x


P.S. The job hunt is coming along slowly but surely. There are more jobs in admin than I thought in my small area and I’m crossing my fingers for one as a dental assistant. Is it weird that’s my critiquing partner’s job? 😛 Maybe it’s fate 😉 ❤

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