Looking for the Perfect Book-ish Box

I love receiving mail and I’m starting to run out of things to feature in bookstagram posts next to my lovely books ❤

I’ve done a Fandom box before and didn’t like the quality of items for the price – the candle was cool, but the other three items were jewellery and I’m not too keen of lots of jewellery. I’m happy to get a few, especially earrings, but not the majority of the items to be jewellery.

I like candles and tea, and bookmarks and t-shirts and blankets and pillows – I guess more home-y stuff, instead of wearing stuff.

I am currently subscribed to Bookish Box, but it’s a bit expensive considering all the USD prices are heaps dearer in AUD.

If you have any book related boxes you are subscribed to and love or think I might love let me know! However, the reason I don’t like most is because I don’t want books. I have 134+ in my shelf waiting to be read and have no interest in raising that count more than I have to.

OR – do you know any awesome book related stores which sell things of the above? I think I might have to source things myself 🙂


– Jo Carter! 😀

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