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Motivation Works for Me, As a Writer

As per my last “how-to” post  Just Do It: How To Get the Writing DoneI wrote how I was lounging around on the procrastination station train. Saturday night I discovered a very effective way to shove myself off the train and start to glide along the tracks of my own accord.

Saturday night I was at my boyfriend’s and he was having a games night with his best friend. I was being half social; I was sitting in the room with them, but was watching Doctor Who with my boyfriend’s big, thick Xbox headphones on. There was the familiar tug in the back of my mind that I should be editing my critiquing partner’s novel and this time I decided to do a chapter per episode. Three episodes later and I’d done three chapters! After sleep I continued this into the next morning and got more chapters done.

Monday and today, same thing. I’ve downloaded The Lord of the Rings Online, an MMO RPG and every five quests I have to edit a chapter. It is really WORKING! I am super relieved and implore everyone to find their motivation.

I would love to be one of those writers who can smash their work for hours upon hours, but I’m not. I watch the clock and agonise through things.

Honestly, I should have realised this sooner. I got through NaNoWriMo last year by doing Harry Potter challenger. It went through the books with fun things like: the sorting hat has been placed on your head. Write one hundred words whilst it thinks; or, you’re in detention with Professor Lockhart. Roll the dice and multiply the number by 100, and write those number of words.

Now I know how I work, I’m going to edit another chapter before sleeping. I really shouldn’t be still awake this late, but I finished work at 9 tonight and I had a random inspirational thought about this post.


How does everyone else stay motivated??


-Jo Carter 🙂

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