I’m Now A [temporary] Full Time Writer

A few of months ago I made the decision to quit my current job as Admin All-Rounder and “Go-To” Girl of the EFRC. After waiting for someone to be hired & training the new employee, today marks my first day in the ranks of the temporary unemployed. I didn’t quit my job to become a full time writer, especially since I am not published and therefore don’t know how much my books will make (my brain is screaming to add “yet” as it’s determined to be creative for a living).

Instead of quitting my job to become a professional lier [fiction writer] I quit my job for two reasons. 1) I want a job closer to the town I’ll live in one day (40 minutes from my current abode). 2) I don’t want to continue working in hospitality with no end in sight.

Unfortunately I haven’t landed another admin or retail type job, but for now I’ll be working on what I sometimes affectionately call my *second* job: writing.

I haven’t really assigned myself a schedule per-say, as that’s never worked in the past on my practice full time writer days. Instead I have a nice little to-do list called Todoist which sits on my desktop and has tasks assigned to it.

Today looks like this: Todoist 4th May

As you can see, I already have an overdue task which I blame the overdue-ness on goodbye drinks at work 😀

I’l check in with you at the end of the day! Wish me luck!! xx 🙂


-Jo Carter

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