Temp. Full Time Writer – Wednesday, 4th May 2016

Happy Star War’s Day! I hope the forth was with you!

I started this morning by waking at 7.30am to Dad’s phone ringing. I never knew how loud it could go! And I’d specifically turned off my alarm so I could sleep in and give my tired brain some time to relax.

8am I was up reading some more of Raelia by Lynette Noni. I have less than one hundred pages to go and may finish sometime during the rest of the day.

9am I made my bed and decided to give my poor face some love. Pimples have been breaking out on my chin 😦 I had a breakfast of grilled cheese and vegemite on toast. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to help my skin 😛 I also checked my emails during breakfast and watched two peek videos.

Sometime between 9.15 and 10 I wrote a blog post about how I’m now a temporary full time writer.

At 10am I started this blog post to keep updated throughout the day otherwise I know I’ll forget the time frame of things.

10.07am I turned off my wifi to edit more of Kelly’s chapters.

10.48am Wifi has been turned back on after I finished editing two chapters (10 pages, and one more chapter than my todist). I then shut down my computer to give it a good clean.

11:16am Pole dancing session!

12:09pm Tired and ready for a banana and a quick Facebook break before getting my next lot of chapters ready for my sister to read.

12:40pm Watching an episode of Doctor Quinn as I apply for more jobs and work out my budget. I feel like sleeping. Might have an afternoon nap.

12:59pm Still haven’t started budgeting. I need some food before attempting it.

1.28pm Episode of Doctor Quinn is finished, but budgeting is not. Aiming to have it done by 2pm so I can do some synopsis writing.

2.41pm And finally budgeting is finished and I also brought in the washing. I needed a break after figuring out that headache! 😛 Time to crack open my manuscript, send a few chapters to my sister and keep writing my synopsis.

3pm Chocolate break. So Far I haven’t done any synopsis writing, but I have reading over chapters for my sister and doing minor editing. And the wifi is going off again now.

Unfortunately I don’t have the rest of the day recorded because I was fibbing in my previous post I’m Now A [temporary] Full Time Writer. I said I was going to let everyone know how my first day went, but it’s a month later and I haven’t.

Better late than never 😛

As you can see, blog posting wasn’t high on my list. But I have been productive! Amongst applying for more jobs (I have an interview tomorrow, wish me luck!!), I’ve finished editing my critiquing partner’s novel, have completed the first draft of my synopsis and started the second, and I’ve been doing housework for Mum.

It’s been interesting not having a job. I’ve been sleeping late, working better in the evening and have been reading a very small amount.

All in all, it’s been an interesting experience!


– Jo Carter 🙂 x


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