Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is such an old and used piece of advice, but I feel the need to repeat it tonight because I’m feeling the full effect of it right now.

I had my weekly pole class tonight and had my instructor take a picture of a trick I’ve recently mastered called a Martini glass:


And when I saw the pictures my first thoughts were belly rolls and fat thigh on display… 😦 But because I’ve been trying not to worry heaps about my body image as I am a pretty healthy person, I pushed these feelings away and instead focused on how awesome the trick is and how happy and genuine my smile is.

I showed it to my boyfriend and told him about my body issue worries and he was super supportive as he always is. He said positive things and had not one bad comment, and viola! the picture looks amazing to me now.

That’s when it hit me: surrounding yourself with positive people really helps. I have such a better body image perspective than I used to and it’s because of supportive people like my boyfriend, and my mum (especially helping me to make healthier food choices).

[Also, side note, my mother is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. She avoids negative people as much as possible without being unkind about it]

It also highlighted how great I feel after each pole class. My instructor is one of the most genuinely kind and lovely people you will ever meet, and it’s because of her personality and lessons that I’m feeling happy about myself and my body.

The happier I am, the better life is and the more I enjoy it.


Until next time!

Jo Carter 🙂

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