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NaNoWriMo 2016: Yes or No?

I am still undecided on whether I’m going to do National Novel Writing Month this November, or not. I want to. I’m writing an outline for book three at the moment, but I think it’ll all depend on where I’m at with book one. (Book two is currently in limbo. I wrote the first draft last November and haven’t picked it up since. Wow… writing that out makes it seem like a very long time) Book one is being professionally assessed.

In an ideal situation this would be my schedule leading up to NaNoWriMo:

September: complete an outline for book three (and in a perfect world start a bit of editing on book two)

October: receive the assessment for book one at the start of October and work on changes, and pitch it by the end of the month

November: write book three, and somewhere along the way receive an offer of publication for book one

December: a month of elation, filled with many happy dances and lots of editing and writing the end of book three because it’ll be more than 50,000 words


As everyone knows, life isn’t always ideal. I doubt all those things will happen as I want them, but in their own unique times. Despite everything, I think I will put book one first, but irrespective of timing, I may not be able to resist the temptation of a month dedicated to writing a new novel.


Are you going to enter National Novel Writing Month this year?



Jo Carter 🙂 x

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016: Yes or No?

  1. I’m thinking about NaNoWriMo but like you am still a bit undecided. I did it last year and it helped me immensely but I am hesitant for some reason. Last year I decided at the last minute and without an outline in sight – most unlike me – but it was still a successful endeavour. I do like the focus of the month so I probably will talk myself round!

    1. I hope to use the focus to do editing or outlining if I’m not participating in NaNo, but to be honest, I’m not sure if I would be as motivated if I wasn’t writing a new story with everyone else! Like yourself, I’ll just have to see where the chips fall.
      Do you have an idea this time around? I found having a outline really worked to push through the hard parts for me. I did bend it often of course, depending where the story took me, but it helped. That and doing Harry Potter word count challengers.
      I am an outlining writer though 🙂

      1. I’m intrigued – what are the Harry Potter challenges? I do have an idea that I’ve been carrying around for a bit, and I prefer to have a rough outline. If I do participate this will be my third year. The first year I did have character profiles and an outline and it made it so much easier. But then last year’s efforts worked out well too, and I found the writing felt spontaneous yet cohesive. Mind you I do need to read over the first draft of the completed manuscript, which I kept writing till July this year!

        Thinking about what I really got out of NaNoWriMo was the act of writing everyday, feeling part of a greater community of writers, and the sense of achievement as I whittled away at the word count. I think I better get an outline scratched out and participate again 😄. Thanks for helping me think it through!

  2. There are all these different kind of sprints and challenges. Here’s one for a cool three digit one:
    The particular Harry Potter one I was talking about is called the Extreme Harry Potter Crawl. It follows of the books in a fun way like “write 250 as the sorting hat decides which has to put you in”. Here’s the link:
    I know a writer who hates outlining because the reason she writes is to find out what happens. Therefore, it becomes boring for her. She’s a real pantser.

    I agree. My favourite part about NaNo is the community. It’s amazing having people who are going through the same thing as you.

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