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My “NaNoEdiMo” Schedule

Instead of writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month, I’m going to put my own spin on it and call my November: National Novel Editing Month.

In a previous post I wrote about how I wasn’t going to participate in NaNo this year because although I have an idea for a novel, I have two needing editing.

To keep on track with it, I’ve devised a schedule for November and the rest of October.


I have 8 scenes left the summarise to create my outline for book two.

I have 21 paragraphs of corrections/notes I made in my review of book two.

There are 6 weekends and 14 week days left of October after today. I’d like to start the proper implementing of changes in November. At the moment I am in the planning stage of editing. I need to finish my outline and then tweak it to add in the changes as per my review.

I’d like to not work on the weekends. I’m less reliable and it gives me time to recharge.

Over the next two days, 12th and 13th, I’ll summarise 4 scenes a day. Then on the next 12 week days I will try to add two corrections a day into the outline and plan what changes I’m going to make. It’ll take 10.5 days and it’ll give me 2.5 days to pick up the slack (plus weekends).


I think I need to spend one of 2.5 days planning how to tackle the actual editing when the outline is done. So stay tuned for part 2



Jo Carter 🙂 x


How’s your NaNo planning going?

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