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Renewed Focus

Contrary to my last post about my NaNoEdMo schedule, I have been ridiculously lazy for the majority of November. I blame the release of a new Pokemon game. Although Sun and Moon came out towards the end of the month, I wanted to try and finish the previous game before it was released. I wasn’t successful but I tried my damn hardest which involved lots of Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman, and not a lot of writing.

However, as the previous week has gone by I’ve gotten a bit of my mojo back. And this afternoon when reading a newsletter from Natasha Lester I was reminded of why I was doing this: I want to share my book with the world. I want to be published. I want a book with a cover and a blurb and pages. I want a book on the shelf. I want to finish it.

And that has renewed my focus. Have a lovely evening everyone, I’m off to edit.

I hope you are all as productive in your goals!



– Jo Carter 🙂 x

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