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I’m Here For a Chat

Hey everyone,

As you probably know if you’re a regular viewer, I’m not a consistent blog poster. I’d like to be, and that’s where this post comes in.

It’s NOT a New Year’s resolution, but more of a commitment to my writing career.

With social media I can be a bit “floopy”.

I can follow a posting schedule or just post randomly and often, but normally I stop. Whether it’s because I’ve been interrupted in my schedule or I just lose interest.

But I want to try and not do this with my blog. It’s a really great outlet for my thoughts (minus the super personal ones) and it helps to put my name out there in the big wide web.

I’m proposing a weekly regularity. It’s not as intense as every day but I won’t forget about it like a monthly one.

I’m going to leave it here for my first weekly blog post. I’m not going to impose too much pressure on myself, but I do already have ideas for next week (my manuscript assessment experience, my weekly wall planner, wanting to redo my website, and maybe talking about my calligraphy attempts).

I WILL be back!

But in the mean time, here’s a little poem I composed last Wednesday:

With courage beating in my heart,
And trying to use all of my smarts,
I type this out,
Even though I don’t quite know what it’s about.

I would like it to rhyme please,
Even if I make up words like “thease”,
As I don’t know much about the craft,
Of this sacred art.

But I would like to try,
Fingers crossed I don’t cry.

I promise before next week,
I will research poetry like a geek,
To bring you something better,
So I don’t turn you all into regretters.

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