At First Draft: The 6 (Minimum) Steps to Revising Your Manuscript before Submission by Wise, Ink – 30/01/2015 via a Google search
I stumbled upon this post through Google and boy am I glad I clicked on it. It’s an excellent post with good, practical tips on what you need to do to revise your manuscript before submission. A must read post for anyone wanting to publish her work, traditional or self.

The 100 Best Websites for Writers 2015 by The Write Life – 22/01/2015 via email
Read it. It sounds boggling at 100 websites to go through, but it is categorised by topic and there is a brief introduction about each blog.

Three Things All Novelists Need According To Haruki Murakami by BookBaby – 19/11/2014
This posts outlines three qualities Haruki Murakami believes all novelists need. I agree with the last two, but not the first. Read the post and comment if you agree or not.

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