Motivation & Inspiration

The prolific author: how many words per hour can you write? By Bookbaby – 21/01/2015 via email
A basic method on how you can be more productive, but more about what the author has learnt about them self on the topic.

Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit By Terribleminds – 26/11/2014 via email
This is a great motivation post for someone who needs to finish their WIP. Exactly as the title says.

Jessica Leake: Five Things I Learned Writing Arcana By Terribleminds – 20/11/2014 via email
First things first: If you love beautiful covers, VISIT THIS LINK. The cover for Arcana is beautiful! Chuck Wendig, the author of the blog Terribleminds, does a wonderful recurring post asking authors five things they learnt writing their novels. Jesscia’s post centres around multitasking and how she coped writing a novel whilst having three babies. Great for parents, and anyone in general writing a book around a busy life.
I would also follow Terribleminds if you want good writing advice. Chuck isn’t shy about it telling the blunt truth, and also manages to be humourous. Terribleminds is one of my favourite blogs.

We Can Do This The Easy Way Or The Hard Way by Terribleminds – 19/11/14 via email
A great quick-ish post to inspire writing, to push against the writer’s block or laziness resistance. I say quick-ish because Chuck can waffle on with his examples. Some are very amusing, some that don’t resonate with me, but he always has a very important point to make.

5 Steps To Take When The Gets Tough And You Want To Quit by Writer’s Relief – 18/11/14 via email
This is a fantastic quick article to read to get your back into the swing of things when you just wanna quit.

How To Motivate Yourself As A Writer by Terribleminds – 18/11/14 via email
Chuck’s no nonsense post!

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