Writing By Me


My Debut Manuscript
It’s a young adult/new adult – not too sure – fantasy novel. It is currently 82 885 words and will probably grow another 1 000 when I add on to the second last scene. Once this scene has been finished I will be ignoring it for a week, maybe two, maybe a month. However long I can bare to be away from it. I will then be reading it over myself and fixing anything else I see before sending it off to my lovely beta readers (AKA friends and family who have said they will read through and offer, hopefully, good advice – I’m sure they will all have something useful to add). My MS is also with one of my best friends to read and critique. As you can imagine I am in terrible suspense waiting for her comments. I gave it to her last week exactly, last Wednesday, but as she has been busy moving THREE DAYS AWAY she hasn’t had a chance to read it yet. I promise I’ve only pestered her once, and have been patiently waiting.
Wish me luck 🙂

The Sequel
I know there is advice circulating around the internet about not writing the sequel before the first was successfully published (let alone not even having an agent), however there is much advice on the internet and not all is correct. In this case it does make some sense, depending on the way you look at it. On one hand they are trying to save you the effort of writing another 80 000 words that may not amount to anything. BUT as much as I would love to have the first well received enough for me to write a second, even if that doesn’t happen I will still write the second. I want to know what happens for myself, if no one else.
I have the start of an outline, and many images in my head. Whilst the first book is resting I’m going to be writing more of the outline for the sequel. It is my goal this year to enter NaNoWriMo and I would love to have an outline of this book before I try and write 1 667 words a day without a clue of where I am going. Who knows what will happen between now and November, but that’s my aim at the moment.

The Rest of the Novels in the Series
Yes I have planned a whole series. I could write four, possibly five books, as well as spin offs. I’ve got sketchy outlines in my head. I should really write them down.

Short Stories

I have written several of these. I’ve entered three in competitions. One was a finalist, and it was supposed to be published in a book of short stories but they FORGOT me 😦 I did get a nice plaque and a major apology letter. It does suck though, cause I could have been a published author then… But I guess I shall have to await the publication of my debut novel!
I may post them on here. It would be cool to have some of my short stories online, you guys could read something I have written, but at the moment it’s 10:41pm and I wish to sleep because I have work tomorrow. BUT I do have a two hour sleep in – I’ll be waking up at eight instead of six. I think I will try and get up at 7.30 instead and write for an hour, plus drink my teatox. We shall see.

Updated Wednesday night 10:43pm 11th January 2015

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